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Most Iconic Shoes of All Time

In normal conditions we expect fashion to change as time passes. However, in some situations, certain fashions are so unique, diverse, iconic, that they remain popular throughout generations. This is especially valid for shoe fashions. It is important to note that throughout ages certain types of shoes have gained popularity some for obvious reasons while others not for reasonable purposes. This article, thus, highlights the various types of sneakers that have remained exemplary as time passes.

The first kind of shoes we will look at that has remained iconic over the years is the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars. It’s difficult to quantify precisely how famous Converse Chuck Taylors indeed are. Invented in the year 1922, these sneakers were primarily produced for basketball players to use while they are playing. Actually, these shoes were used by many basket players throughout the 1960s. In spite of the fact that they lost some fame during the 1970s, they recaptured it during the 1980s, this time for their retro, vintage appeal. After their re-invention, Converse Chuck Taylors have been worn by many kinds of people including children, adults, ladies, men, sports personalities, music artists and everybody in between. In simple, terms it is important to note that Converse Chuck Taylors are the best sneakers and have become the most recognizable sneakers of all time.

The second category of shoes that have ruled the fashion world for many years re Dorothy’s Sparkling Red Slippers. At the time when the Wizard of Oz hit theaters in 1939, it was f the best movies ever produced. Because of its ceaseless notoriety, a lot of its symbolism has since become iconic. Today, no one bit of Wizard of Oz symbolism is more notable than Dorothy’s Sparkling red shoes. It is important to note that these shoes have become the most recognizable features of the Wizard of the Oz movie. There are few pairs floating around, and one made headlines when it was sold or two million dollars in 2015. It is important to note that despite not being the motivation behind many young people wearing red sneakers, Dorothy’s Sparkling Spillers are still iconic in many diverse ways.

The third kind of sneakers that have become exemplary as time passes are the Adidas Superstars. As the hip-hop genre of music developed in the early 1980s, there was a need for a visual appeal. Hip-hop finally got authentic when Run-DMC hit the scene in the middle of that decade. Group members donned matching garments, including pail caps, gold chains, jumpsuits, and to wrap things up Adidas Superstar shoes. It did not take many years for hip-hop fans to emulate the fashion style of the Run-DMC’s. It did not take many years to see people from various countries wearing Superstars.