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Unique Manicure Techniques That You Should Try

Do you want to have that appealing and unique manicure? If yes, then find out more about these ideas in here. Actually, having good quality manicure not only beautify your nails but it also reflects your personality. In this article, you can find out more about the techniques in achieving the kind of manicure that you are dreaming of.

Whether you have long nails, stiletto, coffin or short nails, it is important to have that great looking and beautiful nails! Nowadays, it is common to see women sporting on beautiful, extraordinary and unique manicure. These just prove that there are lots of unique ideas in beautifying your nails. In case you want to stay trendy and hip, then opt for one or two of these manicure ideas. Since your nails are among the things first seen by your friends, you want it to be clean and trendy, right? In this connection, there are plenty of women out there who desire to achieve that new and unique manicure inspiration.

A Guide in Having Unique and Appealing Manicure Tips and Ideas

1. For those who desire to have extraordinary and sparkling nail art, then use foil to do the trick. At present, there are different types of colors that can be used in this particular purpose such as rose gold, silver, gold, and etc. If you want to have that unique and diagonal manicure, then you can spread these pieces to come up with the design that you want. Do not forget to place clear polish on top of the nail art.

2. If you want to achieve French design, then you can do a reverse French design by placing white tip on top of your nail instead on the end. You can place a unique moon shape instead of the conventional white block design.

3. You can also create pinstripes on your short nails to give it an illusion of height. You can experiment by using not just one color but also diverse colors.

4. If you love the ombre of your beautiful hair, then you can apply it on your nails as well. It can be done by starting with one color on the nail end and dragging it to the nail’s topmost portion. Otherwise, invert the design to achieve that unique look. You should not hesitate to mix and match different nail polish colors to get the desired hues that you want.

5. For those who want to get enthralling nail design, then opt for the marble design. Don’t just limit yourself in the conventional black and white marble colors but try other color combinations.

There are other nail art designs that you can choose from aside from the ones mentioned above like animal-print, chrome, sand-textured, and etc. For additional ideas, you can read our blog further.