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Tips On How To Engage You Two-Year-Old And Keep Them Happy

Most families find joy in their homes the moment they welcome a new child. Been there and watching the child grow from one level to the other is a beautiful thing. The joy can be short-lived when the child hits age two. Age two is considered, terrible two read more, since the child become rowdier and cannot be controlled which stresses the mother. At this stage you should opt to prepare some activities indoor and outdoor to engage and keep the kid happy.

One of the best activity is by taking the kid to the zoo and museum. This allows the child to learn more and also get entertained. So that you get the best rates while visiting these sites, plan to have a membership plan, read more set by the sites. Plan to visit the zoo or museum within the most convenient time for you and your family members. If you plan to be there the entire day, make arrangement on how or where you will have your lunch and dinner in case you get late. Again ensure that you have enough drinks like water to keep the child refreshed and also ensure that you have a snack to keep the child engaged.

Organize to take the child to a play out with some other moms with same age kids. Be careful on this not just to invite any mum but a friend or a family member or someone who is trusted. You need to ensure that your child is safe during the play date. Ensure that you can see the kids every other second as you catch up with the moms.

When you have some errands to run like shopping for grocery instead of leaving the child or delaying the process, take the kid with you for shopping. Once you are there let the kid help you to pick some grocery like the apples and put them on the basket. Assist the kid in pushing the cart as you are picking the items. Get them on or two items which keeps them happy in the store so you can have an easy time going with them at the store. Use this opportunity to help the kid in learning new things and help them in counting.

Apart from the outdoor activities, there are other entertaining indoor activities. But to do this you have to be at the level of the kid. Engage the child in pushing the car toy or toss the ball to and fro. Building blocks allow you to make a tower as you teach the child on how to go about it. During these activities both you and the kid will be engaged and entertained.