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Why Flats are Better than Heels

People always assume that heels are the only way for them to look amazing. This may not be a good thing, seeing as they are responsible for some of the worst footwear related injuries. Flats are preferred for some good reasons.
Flats are ladies shoes that lack a raised heel. They make for more comfortable footwear options. You can thus be stylish without being in danger of an injury. You have the choice of the round toe, pointed, embellished, classic, or ones with an ankle strap. You will see that there is a flat shoe for any kind of outfit you put together.
Their major benefit is their comfort. Heels shall cause you some negative things, such as hurting your feet, cause you to be unstable, have poor posture, and leave you with long term leg and back issues. They will also add on more harm, in the form of bunions and the disturbance of how your Achilles tendon is positioned. You may also get plantar fasciitis. You need to wear flats, like those from Barking Dog Shoes, to feel good and look great too.
You also have style variety when it comes to flats. The application of flat shoes in most wardrobe selection is rivaled by no other type of shoe. These shoes also work in casual situations. There is no end to what you can go for where flats are concerned.
Those who wear heels for the height no longer have to. Part of the reason why some women wear heels is for the extra height they get. But there are platform heels that shall serve that purpose with none of the risk involved.
Flats are also how you make a bold fashion statement. There are some colorful and interesting pairs of flats out there, which you can use to spice up your wardrobe. Look no further than the animal print shoes. These are in season and make a neutral outfit have some personality.
Flats also serve their purpose for longer. A popular strategy women adopt is having on heels for a while, then switching to something else. This usually gives them so much to do which they do not necessarily have to endure. You can wear a nice pair of flats and thus spend the day looking stylish and feeling comfortable. Flats are therefore the better investment to make in the long run. Imagine the savings you will have made by avoiding buying some expensive heels.
There is so much you shall gain when you stick to wearing flats instead of heels. They will make you look great without having to endure painful moments. You will discover more of those benefits when you get some of the pairs in this site.