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Gold is Elegant and Beautiful.

Gold is a beautiful substance that is found through mining. There are specific parts in the world that you will find gold and thats why gold is expensive and unique. And not only that gold miners tend to do the mining very deep and this aint an easy task. Although gold is beautiful you may be surprised where and how the miners find gold and this needs tolerance and perseverance. With the variety of gold one is able to choose their taste and still look stunning.

Pure gold is what is found to be straight from the mines and this type of gold tends to be fragile and very soft thus one can merely wear it. Due to its soft nature from the mines it is unnecessary to wear pure gold unless it is mixed with metals like zinc nickel and silver. The blending of the metals is to make it easy to be worn and also it is one way of having it durable and without the blending pure gold would not be suitable for wearing. All in all, there is red gold and from the name itself you can tell it is not very common very few know more about red gold. Red gold is very stunning and attractive but it is very restrictive in terms of complexions as not all can look good in red gold due to its color however red gold is very durable and affordable.

Yellow gold is one of the most enticing gold of all with its shiny yellow look many tend to love it. Yellow gold has the real color of gold due to its shiny yellow look the blending of the two colors gives you the urge to love and wear it. Yellow gold is known and very common due to its stunning attractive nature many tend to love wearing it also it has very low maintenance compared to the rest. further more yellow gold has a unique way of blending with every complexion due to its shiny and yellow look it makes it easy to blend with almost every complexion.

Rose gold, on the other hand, is described to be the hottest of all due to its blended colors of gold silver and copper this turns out to bring out the hottest look. More so rose gold is durable and very affordable however rose gold is not commonly known since it is very new in the market. White gold the common gold of all and it is stunningly beautiful it is very affordable and very durable due to its hard nature. Black gold is less common and due to its color black gold doesnt last longer it fades so fast compared to the rest, all gold colors are determined by the mixture of metals used so as to bring out that color.