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Detailed Guide on Child Adoption Process

Have you ever thought about child adoption process? Yes, it is possible to willing nurture, protect and love a child although it takes a process to achieve it. There are laid down procedures for child adoption, and this article will help you to know how it works.

Anybody who is above 18 years old and meets all the legal requirements is eligible to adopt a child. It is mandatory to have a residence whether it is your property or rented apartment and your marital state is not a factor in this process. Have children or being childless is not an issue but what matters is that you are willing to be a caring foster parent. You can either choose between a public and private agency to help you follow the child adoption process. If you opt for the public agency, you are likely to get a child from a foster care system who are quite older and in some cases, they may have physical or psychological disabilities. You can opt for a private agency, and the option is much faster compared to the public agency even though it is expensive.

Home study – Usually, this is the first step of the adoption, and it aims at checking the condition of the home and establishing whether it is conducive for the child. You will have to give relevant information which might include personal details, medical reports, history of marriages and divorces, criminal records and financial statements. Further, you will present three references who will also have to fill some questionnaires to provide more information. When the licensor has all the information, he moves ahead to visit your place and confirm if everything is right condition and they meet the requirements. During his visit, he will chat with family members to gain a better understanding of the place.

Child selection, visitation, and placement – If the home study stage is approved, you should prepare to receive a child for adoption at your home. You can identify a particular child you want to adopt, or your agency can select a child on your behalf. Your first meeting with the child should be somewhere where the child feels comfortable and secure. This might go on for a couple of weeks, and if you get along fine, you can make the visitation regular and let your home be the venue. When the child is accustomed to your place, he or she will start living with you.

Legal finalization of adoption – It is not over when you start living with the child. You will summarize the child adoption process by making it legal. It is recommendable to complete the process of legalization within 60 days. Completing the report entails collecting information from family members about their physical and mental health and family lifestyle. The child adoption authorities will scrutinize the details and approve if they are satisfied. Your social worker and attorney will assist you to get ready all the necessary documents to complete the process at the court. Find a competent law firm such as Ashby Law to help you in the child adoption process.