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Pointers That Will Help You A Lot When You Travel To India

If you are adventurous and you are in a dilemma when it comes to which country you should travel to next then you should consider traveling to India. It is important for you as a westerner to know that this country can be really dangerous and there are so many things that you should note in order for you to be safe while you are in India. Below are tips for preparing for and traveling to India.

Indians usually think that westerners are different from them most especially the ones who travel there as tourists. The interesting thing is that when you are in India, and you are walking on the streets of India you will spot a couple of people wanting to take pictures with you; therefore, this is something that you should be prepared of. If you are a female westerner people will stare at you a lot, therefore, avoid staring back because they might think that you are flirting with them. That is why people are encouraged to carry sunglasses with them every time they walk in the Streets of India.

Know that tap water in India is not safe to drink therefore this is something that you should avoid. Always remember that ice cubes are made with tap water, therefore, avoid drinking anything with ice cubes in it when you are eating out. You should always drink bottled water during your travels, ensure that you check the seal, if it is broken then know that the bottle could have been filled with unsafe water.

When you walk in the Streets of India as the possibility of you finding people smoking cannabis and hashish openly is quite high. Don’t get fooled thinking that this means that it is illegal because you could end up going to prison for 10 years if you are found guilty of possession in this country. If you are lucky and you don’t end up being convicted, you will still be held for months waiting for your case to be heard by a judge. Make sure no matter what you do you should buy illegal drugs while you are in that country.

Many tourists have reported cases of them losing their bags, and that is why people are usually advised to buy cable locks so that they can lock them at any stationary object as this will prevent their bags from getting lost. You can use the cables to lock your bags when you are at the airport and you want to sleep, or you can look them on your hotel bed if you don’t trust the staff.

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