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How DUI Criminal Records Affect Your Career

Most people in the world think that it is never a big deal to drink and drive. This can cause a very bad impact on you as an individual once you are arrested and your name gets recorded in the DUI criminal records. You will stand a chance of losing a job or having your career ruined when you have the DUI criminal records. Read more from this page on some of the career threats that result from DUI criminal records.

First, DUI criminal records can lead to the suspension of your driving license. Your license will be suspended for months only if it is your very first time to have DUI criminal records. It will be even worse when it is not your first time to have DUI criminal records as you may go without a license for so many years. In this case, if you are a driver and here is where you earn a living from, you could have lost your career besides having criminal records.

For a case where you are working in a company whose governing policy is that you should not have any crime case, then you can easily lose that job because of having DUI criminal records. At first you may decide to keep this as a personal secret but finally you will have to let your employer know. They will realize eventually as you will require them to give you some time to go to court for your DUI case. Where the attorneys in court are close to your employer, they may let them know about your DUI criminal records.

Thirdly, you will have to undergo some insurance changes especially where you have been using the employer’s insurance cover. No company will be willing to stretch out and have insurance coverage for and individual who is charged with a DUI case. You will need to get a personal insurance cover which can be very costly and you may be forced to quit that job hence your career gets affected.

You can be eyeing a career that needs an insurance before you are considered. For your case you will have to miss out the opportunities in these type of companies as you will be having a DUI criminal record. In a case where you are a worker in such a company, there are high chances of your position being terminated.

Lastly, a DUI criminal record could affect your future career as most employers will require clean records of the same before they absorb you. You will be automatically be disqualified where the company realizes that you are a victim of the DUI crime.