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Top Myths About Bail Bondsmen

When you have a loved one who is arrested, one of the best ways that you can help him or her is to seek out the help of a bail bondsman. Unfortunately, some people will forego bail because of the many misconceptions that surround the process and bail bondsmen themselves. Here are some of those myths debunked.

Top Myths About Bail Bondsmen

Bail Bondsman Are Sketchy

One of the top myths about bondsmen is that they are shady, if not criminals themselves. This is a completely undeserved reputation. By no means does this occupation make someone a criminal. In fact, they are a crucial part of the criminal justice system. In order to become a Harrisburg bail bondsman, you have to be educated and licensed. Many people believe that there are no regulations and they are able to set they might swindle people out of their money. The truth is usually the opposite. The percentage that they are allowed to charge is generally regulated.

Bail Bondsman Have Dangerous Offices

Just like the myth about being criminals, many people believe that bondsman have their offices in dangerous locations. The truth is that there are so many different bail bondsmen in any given city that you cannot judge one bail bonds company by another. Most often, you might find a business in a nice area downtown. Most people who are released on bond are not dangerous criminals so you do not have to worry about dangerous people being in the office. Given the amount of offices, you are bound to find something in every area.

When it comes to bondsmen, there are a lot of misconceptions and rumors that may stop someone from seeking out the help that he or she needs. The truth is that bail bondsmen are licensed individuals who have experience working … Read More...

Are You Ready To Be an Expert Witness?

Expert witness testimony has become an important factor in most legal proceedings today. Becoming an expert witness is not as difficult as it might appear. As a minimal, expert witnesses must have knowledge, skill, experience, training, or education that can help legal teams, jurors, and judges understand the relevant evidence or to determine facts in a particular case.

Are You Ready To Be an Expert Witness

Expert Witness Fees

Being an expert witness can be a nice little side job if you qualify. Based on expert witness fee data from more than 35,000 cases, the Expert Institute found that the average rate for initial case reviews for all expert witnesses is $356 per hour, the average rate for deposition appearances is $448 per hour, and the average rate for trial testimony is $478 per hour. These fees are paid by the legal team who hires you.

Practical Considerations

If you qualify legally as an expert witness, there are practical considerations you need to keep in mind before committing yourself. Foremost, you should be comfortable and confident in a courtroom, knowing that every bit of your personal and professional life could be scrutinized and your testimony might be challenged by the opposing side.

Out of Court Opportunities

Many cases do not end up in the courtroom, though, and expert witness opportunities would involve tasks such as reviewing documents, writing reports, performing tests, or visiting crime or accident sites. Whether your case goes to court or not, you need to be up front with your legal team as to what you are and are not comfortable doing.

If you have distinguished yourself in a particular field and feel that your expertise can help others, becoming an expert witness can be rewarding. The experience you gain as an expert witness can carry over and enhance your professional status, as long … Read More...

How To Be Prepared to Work From Home

As technology continues to develop, there are more opportunities to take on remote job opportunities or work scheduled shifts at home instead of in the company office. To help make sure you’re able to stay on top of your scheduled tasks while working in your pajamas, follow these key tips.

How To Be Prepared to Work From Home

Create Your Work Zone

Help get yourself into your “on the clock” mindset by creating an area that’s dedicated to work. If you live with others, an enclosed home office may be ideal as you will be able to block out distractions by closing the door. Make sure you have a comfortable chair that promotes good posture for long hours spent at your desk. Research the best place to buy office furniture based upon your needs. Ensure that distractions such as televisions are not in your work area.

Make a Schedule

Give yourself a schedule for the day. Factor in adequate time for mental breaks, lunch and any time-pertinent duties you may have, such as remote meetings via webcam or telephone conferences. Try to stick to your schedule for the day with as little deviation as possible unless something urgent pops up.

Give Yourself Goals

Determine goals to shoot for. Goals may include completing a certain amount of reports before lunchtime, achieving a specific word count on a pending document before the end of the day or completing an extensive brainstorming session for an upcoming project. Remind yourself of what your goals are throughout the day to ensure you stay focused and on task.

Enforce Work Hours

Make sure you keep your work time to your work hours to ensure that you maintain separation between your professional life and your home life. Maintaining strict work hours will help keep your home from feeling like the company office even during … Read More...

The Agricultural Trends of the Next Decade

The Agricultural Trends of the Next Decade

In spite of the hype and alarm driven by media reports concerning droughts in the Midwest and aviary flu out on the West Coast, the farming and agricultural industry of the U.S. is still growing strong. In fact, in addition to a heavy reliance on new engineering design for farming machinery, there is a high demand for a new labor pool to continue to push the field to the next level.

 The Agricultural Trends of the Next Decade

The Little Man

Even through the country is far from the agrarian society it began as, there is still a great need for laborers at the ground level. Fortunately, the h2a visa program provides farmers and ranchers with a labor pool of individuals who have both the experience and the drive to work the land at different areas throughout the farming process. Without this opportunity, many farms would be left scrambling for workers.

The Middle Man

The farmers and ranchers who own the land have a significant interest in the owning and operating the best equipment. They also desire the best product, leaving many in the industry looking toward college graduates for help. Because of the focus on sustainable resources, improved pest control, and maximizing water resources, there will be an increasing demand for plant scientists, veterinarians, and agricultural specialists. Engineers with a focus on improving machinery and equipment, especially those working off solar power or renewable resources, will be in demand.

The Big Boss

Even though there is an emphasis on who will work the farms and design the equipment, the big concern is the overall demand on the industry. The consumer is the ultimate boss of the industry, and the interest in organic and sustainable food systems is going to drive the direction of agricultural. Whether its avoiding pesticides, … Read More...

Why A Small Shop Is Better Than a Chain Store

A couple of weeks ago, I visited a small, independently owned pharmacy. I know that’s quickly becoming a rarity, but I’m glad I did. I’ve been to the chain store pharmacies, and I have to tell you that I often leave feeling like less of a person than a dollar sign. In other words, my experience with the large chain pharmacies and other types of retail stores are that they’re usually impersonal and there’s room for improvement for the level of customer service.

Why A Small Shop Is Better Than a Chain Store

What’s Better Small Shops?

When I go to the large pharmacies that are associated with a nation-wide store, there’s usually one–maybe two–people working in the pharmacy. So, inevitably, I’m waiting on a line to drop off my prescription. Once I get to the counter, no matter what the medicine, I’m told that I have to return in at least an hour, at which point something that should take a few minutes (and used to), becomes a multi-hour exercise. I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I’ve picked up a prescription, the medicine is for someone who is not feeling well and the sooner they get the medication, the quicker they will feel better. I don’t think that big pharmacies understand how vital quick-turnaround is to people.

When you return to one of the large pharmacies to pick up your prescription, you’re back online waiting to get to the single person who’s working the counter. And, even if you’ve arrived past the hour, you may be asked to wait some more, so hopefully, there will be a seat available for you.

However, when you go to an independent pharmacy, the experience is different and better. When I picked up my prescription recently, I waited FIVE minutes. About five or six professionals were working in the pharmacy, who