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Is It Possible to Sue a Hotel for Bedbug Infestation and Bedbug Bites?

There is nothing that compares to the experience of getting bitten by bedbugs when you should enjoy your holiday in a luxurious hotel room. Unfortunately, over 97% of holidaymakers have reported serious bedbug bites and uncontrollable bedbug infestations in their hotel rooms. But then again, you can easily get compensated for personal injury when you find yourself a good lawyer to take you through this personal injury case. No doubt it will be in your best interest to learn more and gather enough info when it comes to bedbug infestations so you can be on the safest side should you decide to pursue legal measures. Here is a step by step guide to prepare you just in case you may want to sue a hotel for bedbugs and bedbug bites on your next holiday vacation.

For starters, ensure you collect enough evidence to prove to all the people that bedbugs have indeed invaded your privacy in your hotel room. You can never go wrong with taking videos and still photos the moment you spot these creatures moving around your room. If you have any bites on your body, take pictures as well. Also ensure you comb through the beddings, box spring and the bed itself verifying that any evidence of these creatures is capture on video or camera. While at it, you might want to remove your personal effects to keep them safe from bugs which you do by combing through to ensure no bugs or larvae attach on the items. Look through the closets or drawers and remove item by item scrutinizing for any bugs or larvae. While at it, ensure every item you had at the hotel room is thoroughly washed before taking it back home with you because you risk carrying these annoying creatures to your home. It goes without mentioning bedbugs can do huge damage on your valuables especially the furniture and of course, the bites are not so interesting after all.

Your next important step is to contact the local department of health and also ensure the hotel management is aware of the infestation. It might also be the right time to talk to your personal injury lawyer who will provide a professional overview and provide info on your options should you decide to sue the hotel. Of course, you want to work with an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer especially if they have handled similar cases in the past. Another important step would be to check out if you need any medical attention especially with irritating bites on your skin and by all means seek professional guidance and help on the same.

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