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An Insight into What You Need to Gift Techies

This year 2019, people need to get some new gift-giving ideas. You should now give up on the sweaters and gift cards for this year’s presents. Not many people like sweaters. hence, start afresh and gift out cool toys. The gifted person will be very happy to receive a cool toy from you. There are new and interesting tech gifts that you can select for this year. By this, many people will wish to receive a gift from you. Pick one of the following gifts to give the techies in your life.

Fit-bit Charge 3

A Fit-bit charge 3 is a perfect gift for a techie who likes to work out. It will track your daily activity all day long. The charge 3 is the latest model in the Fit-bit line up. They usually specialize in your daily activity trackers, and this one is the right size. The watch is also good for both genders. Also, there is a good reason why this watch is best in the Fit-bit lineup. This is because it comes with many features and it can recognize workout levels and activity. Further to monitoring the heart rate, it usually pauses when you stop a workout. It, therefore, gives exact figures about your workout levels.

Wireless Headphones

These headphones are the best in this modern era of technology. The Jabra elite headphones are very effective, and the techie in your life will love them. This is because the headphones have many good features. It has ten hours of playback and long battery life. It is also lightweight, fully wireless and sleek looking. Its Bluetooth sound is also excellent.


this gift is good for those who have a weakness of misplacing keys or phone. It can help you to track small items such as keys or phone. You only need to attach the tile to the keys. It has an alarm that goes off when keys are lost. Alternatively, you can also connect it to your smartphone. It will ring the phone when you press a button. It is worthwhile to buy this tracker as a gift.

Security System

This provided security monitoring for your home. The person you gift this item will be happy because it offers security. The ring alarm security system works with your doorbell monitoring and can be fixed by the company who fixed your doorbell. It also comes with a base pad, keypad, contact sensor and many more. It provides cellular connectivity and has a good battery backup system.