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Simple Ways to Track your Weight Loss Progress

If in case weight loss is what you are aiming for, it is best that you are able to track your progress. If you are going to track your process every day on scales, this can actually be destructive and it could also lead to unhealthy fixations.

There are still other ways on how you could track your weight loss progress through the article below.

Use a Diary

When you are only starting on your weight loss, it is best that you keep a diary so you could compare your progress starting from the first day and onwards. Also take note with your daily energy levels, how well you sleep and on how you feel after every workout and be sure to keep it in mind if you are ready to reset on your goals. When that workout after work is able to work well for you, it is best that you stick with it. See to it also that you recognize the patterns and on the habits which worked well for you and which of them did not work well.

Monthly Goal Monitoring

If you are planning to lose weight, it’s best to have the 28 magic number. This actually is the best way for you to structure your goals because it’s not too far to achieve. If ever you are only starting and you are checking your goal workouts in every week, you know that you are still on the right path.

Do Reflections

You should consider reflecting back on your daily tasks and try to know how you feel when you perform them. Consider knowing if your mood truly improved, did you ran out of breath or are you progressing so you will know if the daily tasks are now becoming much easier to perform. Try to set a reminder also in looking back and think of the progress that you have made every week.

Clothes Size

You can actually easily track your progress simply by knowing how your clothes are fitting. When your jeans now slides a much easier than before or your t-shirt now looks pretty, you definitely know that you are now on the right track. You surely will have a big smile on your face knowing that there is really progress.

You don’t actually need to buy a scale only to track your progress, especially if you are only starting. Never let your weigh ins become an obsession to you and to only limit this for a month. When tracking your progress with these ways, you surely will focus more on your progress and that you also will know more about the changes that will happen in your body, which definitely can be empowering. This helpful link will give you more information.