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Best Pet Picks for Apartment Life in San Francisco
Pets are true companions and you can never feel lonely when you have one. They have been known to offer people support and lower their anxiety levels, blood pressure, and stress levels. They can improve your immune system and they make you happy. Having your pet greet you after a hard day at work is one of the best feelings there is. Finding an apartment in San Francisco when one has a pet is no easy feat. Small pets may be acceptable to a few of the apartments though. This article will guide you on some of the apartment pets to live with in San Francisco.
A dog is a great pet choice for an apartment. Dogs are not too inflexible and fit in perfectly at an apartment in San Francisco. Dogs offer a fun time and aren’t too messy if they get trained. Find out which dog breeds are accepted in your apartment complex first from the landlord. It is important to do this so that you don’t get one that will bark all the time disturbing other tenants. Find out more about dog breeds and how to care for them from this article.
Bunnies are also perfect pet choices for apartment life. They are very low maintenance, can be easily trained to use a litter box, and are very social. You would need to invest in a large cage to hold them but also give them a chance every now and then to roam around the apartment. Learn more about this from this article.
Cats and kittens are also great choices for apartment life. They are a lot of fun and very independent. Work on getting them a play area where they can scratch and climb to avoid having your whole apartment torn up. Work on getting some screens installed on your apartment windows. There is a lot of useful information on cat care on this article.
Sometimes the usual pets just won’t do because you may prefer something more exotic. A hedgehog is right up that exotic alley. They have great hunting instincts for bugs and ants and they are also quite adorable. If you are going for the exotic, then this is a good choice. Check out this article for more about this.
This article has a few of the popular pet choices that can work out well in an apartment in San Francisco. Of course you need to check your finances as well as taking care of pets will cost you. Pets will need your attention and love and those are the pets that turn out to best. So take your pets for walks in the park and allocate play time as well.