Looking On The Bright Side of

Confessions of a Witch

If you read my other blog, then you will find out that I am really a witch and I have finally decided to reveal myself. My other blog is dedicated to my other self and here I decided to talk about my being a witch in more detail.

I did not expect to receive something unexpected when I recently revealed my true identity but I did and it was very positive.

I have not expected to get anything good at revealing my true self to others. The amazing thing was that not a single comment was negative. All the responses were either positive or the readers had many questions in their minds.

There were many great comments in the blog that I welcome so much. There were many people curious about strating into witcraft. It was encouraging and now I am planning to write more about myself.

Here I am, my real person coming out on this blog as well.

Although this secret was kept from my family the whole time, some of them actually have an inkling on what I was doing. Others hardly noticed at all.

In time, I have slowly opened myself up and showed more of what I am.

Here in the UK there is no fear of these things but they have a lot of questions to ask you. Most people here love talking about things related to the occult like gemstones and healing, using incense. It is really good to know that people here are very much interested in tarot cards.

Although I really intended to read to myself only but I have tried reading on a few.

I have been asked if I would make a profession out of reading but for now, I am simply keeping it for myself and those who are close to me. It could only be possible if I have more time for myself.

Many people have no inkling on what a witch ever does.

For me, I make things like bath salts and essential oils, healing oils and witch little bottles for protection and love.

I really don’t sell what I make but I give them away to my family and friends as gifts.

I also read tarot cards most of the time. I love doing this and finding out what the cards have to say to me.

People sometimes asked self-confessed witches if they are Satanists. I am not a Satanist. There is nothing in religion that I believe in. I have nothing to do with religion. I have no belief in either God or Satan.

Many people have misconceptions of being a witch and there are things that not many people know of.

Being a witch is fun. My other blog tell more about the witch in me.

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