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Ideas on How Women Can Maintain Their Creativity

Being a woman is not an easy thing. Their time and energy are required in every place without minding whether they have a family or a job. They should also use their creativity skills even if women are always busy. Mental illness is mostly found with those who are no creative. Depression, stress and even anxiousness are some of the factors that cause mental illness. Creativity skills that we had during our childhood life should be used when performing our daily duties because of that reason. Creativity is not associated with quick thing. You should take your time so that the creative idea you will come up with will help you perform your duties efficiently.

For many women, free time is not in their daily routines. Tips that will make them remain focused should be searched by those who are not creative. The creativity of women can be kept alive because there are many ways to do that. They will keep their creativity alive by only saying NO which is the first step. Saying No is not a choice to many women because they are weak. At times they are forced to get involved in activities they do not like only to please their husbands and kids. Women should complain about things they do not like and also learn to say NO. Creativity is maintained by those women who say No because their mind will have a space to think.

Time for their creative projects should be reserved by those women who would want to keep their creativity alive. Tv should be watched and also magazines read by those women who set aside free time which is one way of adding ideas and creativity on some things. A time table should be drawn by those women who are poor in managing their time. They will be reminded of where they are supposed to be when they set alarms if a timetable does not work on them.

Some other things that women should do are like negotiation, consolidation, and delegation if they would like to keep their creativity alive. Women are the ones who always do the cleaning and washing in homes. If they are tired they should ask their husbands to take their kids to sports or dance practices. Extra work should not be carried in homes by women because this might prevent them from having enough time to spend even with their kids. They should delegate some duties even to their coworkers so that they have enough time to keep their creativity alive.

Women who struggle in finding their creativity should look for help. They should view more supplements that will increase their creativity levels. Friends, family, and coworkers should be asked about their creative projects. Motivation and inspiration on how they will improve their creative projects will be provided by their friends.