Outfit Furniture to Save Wood Floors

Any glamours home can pride itself on hardwood floors. The luxurious shine and sleek design makes every room simultaneously feel like a bed and breakfast and someone’s childhood home. After putting all the hard work into installing and maintaining hardwood floors, no one wants to see them nicked or scratched. Some people may have guests remove their shoes, but they could still be missing a more likely culprit — the furniture. Table leg protectors can keep wood floors safe by covering the harsh edges and bottoms of chairs, tables, and other furniture that can scratch and scuff wood floors.

Outfit Furniture to Save Wood Floors

How It Works

Similar to the common image of grandparents with tennis balls on their walkers, furniture protectors can utilize small felt cups that can be placed over the feet of chairs and tables. These ensure the bottoms will slide across the floor instead of scraping the material along a manicured surface. For other furniture types, there are felt pads that can be affixed to the bottom to keep it from scratching the floors in the even someone would need to move it and was not able to lift it off the floor. These are ideal for chests, television hutches, and other large pieces of furniture.

Other Ways to Protect Floors

Whether someone is moving into a new home, out of an old one, or simply rearranging, there are a number of ways they can ensure their wood floors are not damaged in the process. The first tip is to carry whatever a person physically can. The less items are dragged across the surface, the less chance of ruining a wood floor. Another tip is to buy or rent a dolly to help move heavier boxes. This way a person doesn’t have to slide boxes which can potential scuff a wood floor.