The Agricultural Trends of the Next Decade

The Agricultural Trends of the Next Decade

In spite of the hype and alarm driven by media reports concerning droughts in the Midwest and aviary flu out on the West Coast, the farming and agricultural industry of the U.S. is still growing strong. In fact, in addition to a heavy reliance on new engineering design for farming machinery, there is a high demand for a new labor pool to continue to push the field to the next level.

 The Agricultural Trends of the Next Decade

The Little Man

Even through the country is far from the agrarian society it began as, there is still a great need for laborers at the ground level. Fortunately, the h2a visa program provides farmers and ranchers with a labor pool of individuals who have both the experience and the drive to work the land at different areas throughout the farming process. Without this opportunity, many farms would be left scrambling for workers.

The Middle Man

The farmers and ranchers who own the land have a significant interest in the owning and operating the best equipment. They also desire the best product, leaving many in the industry looking toward college graduates for help. Because of the focus on sustainable resources, improved pest control, and maximizing water resources, there will be an increasing demand for plant scientists, veterinarians, and agricultural specialists. Engineers with a focus on improving machinery and equipment, especially those working off solar power or renewable resources, will be in demand.

The Big Boss

Even though there is an emphasis on who will work the farms and design the equipment, the big concern is the overall demand on the industry. The consumer is the ultimate boss of the industry, and the interest in organic and sustainable food systems is going to drive the direction of agricultural. Whether its avoiding pesticides, removing added hormones, and increasing the organic nature of livestock intake, consumer demand is beginning to shift.

If you are heavily invested in the agricultural arena, take stock of the changes in trends. All areas will be affected over the next few years, beginning with the demand and the labor to meet that need.