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IT Terms to Learn

It is certain that the global information technology industry has widely grown over the years. The rate at which it is growing is way out of this world. We have a couple of terminologies that will be necessary for you to understand. Such will often include the following.

You will come across agile development. This is a management strategy that is essential when it comes to coming up with software. This will actually be done much faster than the traditional linear approach. You will also find that there is disaster recovery. This is a set of policies that seeks to protect your business tech in case of an attack or a natural disaster. It is evident that downtime will from time to time cost a business so much. It is necessary for you to ensure that this is highly minimized. It is imperative to mention that disaster recovery gives the room to examine technology infrastructure. This will help in creating detailed plans. You will also get to learn of the VPN which is a network that guarantees you of a more secure connection. This is to say that data will be encrypted prior to going through a public Wi-Fi. Then there is technology stack. These are ideally underlying elements within a given software. A data center is relied on for the storage of data storage technology. This is often in form of servers. You will come across SaaS which stands for software as a service.

You will also find that we have the open source software. It is usually distributed without any restrictions. You will often use this software without paying for it. You will also be exposed to BYOD which stands for bring your own device. You will also find that we have the cross platform that is a software that can be used irrespective of the operating system. Then there is backend. You will realize that this is essentially all that which you can hardly see when interacting with a software. It takes into consideration aspects like databases and even codes. API is used in place of application programming interface. This is a tool that is purposed to ensure that the wheel is barely reinvented. You will also find that there is CMS that is designed to ensure that digital content is created as well as managed.

AWS is a clouding platform that is quite essential in offering a wide range of services such as computational power. ADC is an analog to digital converter. Reading through this article from Labjack will tell you more about this. There is the DNS which is the digital name service.